7 Tips to Optimize your Gmail

We often might receive tens or even hundreds of emails each day. Without proper and easy-to-use tools or techniques to manage and automate certain tasks, we probably will sink in piles and piles of unread and uncategorized emails from everywhere. Gmail provides a rich and flexible email and task management platform. It features a very... Continue Reading →

Kickstart your study!

With the beginning of the new academic year, new students are embarking on new challenges, schedules, timetables, duties, responsibilities, to-do lists...etc. This amount of information and chores could be overwhelming and hard to observe. So here are some tips to kickstart your new academic year. Be Digital! Use to-do lists, note taking and other productivity... Continue Reading →

Twitter in Education

Twitter, as a popular and dynamic social platform, could be effectively utilized by educators to enrich and diversify the teaching experience. The "Hashtag" is like a dynamic magnifier that filters and orders the massive amount of data that is populating the web. The teacher can create a hashtag related to the topic or subject that... Continue Reading →

Moodle – Motivating Educators

Teachers, lecturers, and educators, in general, all need motivation and some kind of productive competition, which in turn will enhance the overall teaching quality & creativity. One of the many valuable tools that Moodle provides is Reports. I've been using Moodle's Most Active Courses (Weighted) Report to send weekly statistics of the top 10 most... Continue Reading →

Moodle – Simple Upgrade Shell Script

Moodle administrators often need to upgrade their Moodle core to the latest stable version (recommended best-practice), along with other PHP and web server relevant components and dependencies. The upgrade process consists of a number of repeated and predefined steps and procedures, therefore, it might be a time-consuming process if it has been done manually. So,... Continue Reading →

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