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Director of E-Learning with 11+ years of experience in learning technologies and platforms; staff training and development. Works in a multinational reputed university college. Leads te E-Learning team to train, support, and provide a seamless and engaging online teaching and learning environment.

Knowledge Enabler; trains, supports, and produces detailed guidance and tutorials to empower and equip lecturers with the knowledge and skills set needed to offer an effective and uninterrupted online learning experience. Provided extended support and training for over 60 lecturers, in the form of online or F2F meetings, during the COVID19 crisis to ensure the college could immediately switch to full online teaching delivery without a day lost.

Self-learner and Knowledge Seeker; self-paced learner, looking to expand his knowledge and skills set to have valuable contributions to the development and success of the institution, considers knowledge is the true power that changes the world, follows new relevant certificates, attends seminars; webinars; and conferences, participates in discussion forums, and observes new technological trends. Learned Instructional Design concepts, principles, and best practices to guide and support the lecturers in producing effective learning resources and activities.

Learning Technology Expert; explores, tests, configures the means to support online learning. 11+ years of extensive hands-on experience in Moodle, Turnitin, and learning technologies provided rich and diverse comprehension to advise on the best means to achieve certain learning outcomes.

Team player and goal-oriented; liaises, engages, and collaborates with multiple teams, departments, individuals, and uses collaborative tools to support joint efforts to reach or produce the desired results or goals. One of the recently achieved goals was successfully developing a flexible, supportive, and engaging online learning environment.

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