Moodle – Motivating Educators

Teachers, lecturers, and educators, in general, all need motivation and some kind of productive competition, which in turn will enhance the overall teaching quality & creativity.

One of the many valuable tools that Moodle provides is Reports. I’ve been using Moodle’s Most Active Courses (Weighted) Report to send weekly statistics of the top 10 most active courses in our Moodle to all the academic faculties within the college.

Sample – Most Active Courses Report Graph
Sample – Weekly email featuring the top 10 active course

Most of the lecturers are excited about this weekly report. They’re always trying their best to have their courses among the top 10 weekly list. Driven by the desire to compete, most of our lecturers are planning and producing more interactive activities, that include; discussions, quizzes, brainstorming, collaboration, wikis, and other innovative learning activities.

The “Weighted” version of the “Most Active Course Report” provides a more accurate detailed report. It ranks the courses by dividing the total number of the available activities by the total number of the enrolled students within a course.

To access the “Most Active Courses (weighted)” Report from your Moodle > Site Administrator > Reports > Course Overview > “Most Active Courses (weighted)”  from the Report Type drop-down menu.

For more information about the available reports, check Moodle’s official documentation:


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